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 Pectoralis Major Repair Surgical Rehabilitation

Precautions: Until 12 weeks post-op, NO AROM; No contact sports or bench press until at least 6 months post- op.

Phase I (0 – 6 weeks post-op)

  •  Goals: Pain control and protection

  •  Sling:

        o 0-2 weeks: Worn continuously except for hygiene & HEP

        o 2-6 weeks: Worn daytime only

  • ROM:

        o 0-3 weeks: Elbow, wrist, and hand AROM with shoulder in neutral position at side

        o 3-6 weeks:

        Begin PROM as follows:

        Flexion - 90
        ER - 45
        Extension - 20 Abduction - 45

  • Exercises:

        o 0-2 weeks: Elbow/wrist, grip strengthening
        o 2-6 weeks: PROM as above, Pendulums, Posterior capsule mobilizations, *avoid stretching the anterior capsule


Phase II (6 weeks – 12 weeks post-op)

  • Sling: Discharge at 6 weeks

  • ROM:

    o PROM to tolerance o Begin A/AAROM
    o Goals:

    ER – full
    Flexion – 135
    Abduction - 120

  • Exercises:

       Continue with wrist/elbow AROM & grip strengthening
       Begin AAOM exercises
       Initiate closed chain scapular exercises
       Begin resistive exercises for scapular stabilizers, biceps, triceps, & rotator cuff

       Use exercise arcs that protect the anterior capsule

       Keep all strengthening exercises below the horizontal plane o At 8 weeks, begin deltoid & rotator cuff isometrics
       o NO resisted IR/adduction


Phase III (12 weeks – 16 weeks post-op)

  • Sling: None. Discharge at 6 weeks post-op

  • ROM: Gradual return to full AROM 

  • Exercises:

       o Advance exercises from phase II
       o Begin UBE
       o Emphasize ER & lat eccentrics and GH stabilization o At 12 weeks, begin cycling & running
       o At 16 weeks, begin planks & push-ups


Phase IV (4 months – 5 months post-op)

  • ROM:

       o Full & pain-free ROM

  • Exercises:

       o Aggressive scapular stabilization & eccentric strengthening o Begin plyometric & throwing/racquet program
       o Continue endurance activities
       o Maintain ROM & flexibility


Phase V (5 months – 7 months post-op)

Full ROM & pain-free 

  • Exercises:

   o Progress phase IV activities
   o Return to full activities as tolerated & per physician release



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  2.  Brian Cole, MD, MBA Pec Major Tendon Repair/Rehabilitation Protocol. Midwest Orthopedics at

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