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Choose Sioux Falls, SD for your surgery!


There are a wide range of hotel accommodations in Sioux Falls that work closely with Sanford Health.There are several nearby hotel options including some, like Home 2 Suites, within walking distance of the hospital. The boutique Clubhouse Hotel is also located a short distance from the hospital. The Downtown location is a special area in the city filled with diverse restaurants, shops, arts, and daily activities organized by the people of Sioux Falls.

Charlie is the University of South Dakota Mascot!

Learn more about the city.

Click here to learn more about The Downtown area in Sioux Falls with restaurants, activities, and hotels.


Parking is very easy at Sanford. There is a large parking garage located on the Sanford campus across from the medical building. There is also a concierge valet parking service at the main entrance to our orthopaedic building. The orthopaedic center has been designed specifically to make your orthopaedic evaluation and treatment as streamlined and efficient as possible. From the clinic check-in, to imaging studies, and even day of surgery care, everything has been designed with your comfort in mind.

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When you're hurt or have a medical problem, your main focus should be on healing. Sioux Falls offers the ideal location with world-class resources to allow you to focus on your recovery. 


The city provides easy transportation access, nationally ranked specialty care, and low cost services. Sioux Falls is home to several colleges which provide numerous transportation, housing, and dining options. The medium-size city also means you do not have to worry about the commute, crowding, and costs associated with a large city while you recover. These factors have made Sioux Falls a destination medical center for many out-of-state and international patients. 

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